Obstetric Anesthesia: A Special Challenge for Anesthesiology Practices


Obstetric anesthesia is either a make-or-break service for anesthesia practices. Its unique aspects, including (a) the use of epidurals that don't require continuous attention, (b) the ability to manage multiple cases simultaneously, and (c) complex, diverse and inconsistent billing rules, make it a subject for special consideration.

From a billing perspective, all anesthesia charges fall into three categories: time-based surgical anesthesia, obstetric (OB) analgesia and non-time-based charges, such as those for invasive monitoring, nerve blocks, and ultrasonic guidance and visit codes. Health plans tend to have policies that pay a contracted rate per unit for surgical anesthesia, including C-sections. Non-time-based services are all paid based on the payer's fee schedule, not ASA units. It is payment for obstetrical anesthesia that most confuses and frustrates our clients because of all the arcane nuances embedded within the charge and payment calculation. It should also be noted that the clinical and financial review of surgical anesthesia payments should never be comingled with labor payments because, not only are the payment methodologies different, but the payer mix is sure to be very different.

OB anesthesia can be a make-or-break service for an anesthesia practice. Many a practice has lost its contract as a result of its unwillingness to provide a comprehensive service. Because so many hospitals focus on the importance of growing their obstetric business, this is an aspect of anesthesia practice management that must be taken very seriously and managed very closely. Just know that the effective management of a profitable OB anesthesia service is an order of magnitude more complicated than that required for the surgical anesthesia service.

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